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    i7 6700k freeze, can't RMA (problem with Intel Site)



      I have a problem with the processor ( i7 6700k 4Ghz 8M - BOX)


      I have got problem similar to my last processor (i5 6600). The problem began unexpectedly. First computer had a problem with stability. He started to hang. After reboot, computer work for a while good but after some time It freeze again. I Borrowed from a friend the same processor and began to test components. It turned out that all the parts of my computer work outside the processor. With the processor from a friend computer works without any problem.


      I wanted to take advantage of the guarantee, but I have a problem:



      "Firefox can not find the www-ssl.intel.comnull server."


      In addition, my English is not too good to communicate by telephone so please help in benefiting from guarantees here in the forum or in private message.

      My PC components:


      I7 6700k 4Ghz 8M - faulty

      Kingston DDR4 4x4GB 2400MHz CL15 HyperX FURY - ok

      Asrock Z170 Pro4s (bios version 7.00 )- ok

      Cooler Scythe Mugen 4 (SCMG-4000) - ok

      MSI GTX970 GAMING 4G - ok

      Be Quiet Dark Power Pro P10 750w - ok

      Samsung SSD 840 PRO 512GB - ok


      I use computer only for a work with Photoshop, without any overclock.



      Please help.


      Mateusz Faruga