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    Intel X-25 M Really Slow Help Needed


      Hello guys I am new to SSD drives

      basically my write speed on the 80gb x-25 mainstream is really really slow I ran the ssd benchmark


      those are my results


      I first thought I had so many virsuses so I formatted my pc and whenever I run couple programs and they take too much write speed my system lags so bad thats it just lags and I have to power it off


      I have it in my bios on ahci and I have the matrix drivers too and I just dont know what to do my motherboard is







      -- EDIT 2

      I downloaded matrix drivers from asus p5k premium section WRITE SPEEDS ARE NORMAL! however READ speed is now about 130 MB/s instead of 200-250 MB/s




      I will update bios if that does not help any suggestions would be apperciated =)


      EDIT 3 :


      After bios Update Read Speeds Are Maximum 140 MB/s any way to boost that?

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