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    Intel® SSD E 5420s Series (SSD E 7000s)Firmware Update


      The intel E 5420s 240GB i have bought , on warranty center online of intel show as E7000s. on the drive it says E 5420s . it has the firmware N2010101 - it is the same firmware as DC s3520 SSD has had. now there is a a firmware update N2010112 for the DC s3520, do i need to run the firmware update for the E 5420s(e7000s) 240GB since it is has the same firmware as DC s3520 (it is the same drive different marketing )? the drive is in used as a USB 3.1 external drive running linux system. so to do the firmware update will not be too simple. I will not try , until i know for sure there is a update for this drive , and if it is necessary to do so.

      please name intel SSDs with Order and consistency.