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    Unable to get ZR300 working without unplugging/replugging USB!


      On launching the realsense_camera ROS launch files on an Intel NUC (i5, Ubuntu 16.04), I get the following error:


      [ERROR] [1499666716.599850948]: /camera/driver - Error calling rs_get_device_info ( device:0x1da4140, info:ADAPTER_BOARD_FIRMWARE_VERSION ): 
      selected camera info is not supported for this camera! 
      [FATAL] [1499666716.804410250]: Failed to load nodelet '/camera/rgb_debayer` of type `image_proc/debayer` to manager `camera_nodelet_manager'
      [FATAL] [1499666716.804655270]: Failed to load nodelet '/camera/driver` of type `realsense_camera/ZR300Nodelet` to manager `camera_nodelet_manager'


      And the following dmesg error:


      [ 7910.095059] nodelet[32567]: segfault at 0 ip 00007fb75866cb96 sp 00007ffc2e1d58d8 error 4 in libc-2.23.so[7fb7585e2000+1bf000]


      But if I remove the USB cable and reconnect it (at the same exact port), I can run the launch files without any problems. I do not face this issue on my laptop, but only on my NUC device. I did not find much help on googling these errors. How can I get around solving this issue? Or in the meanwhile can you suggest ways to emulate reconnecting the  USB cable through command line as a workaround?