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    NUC6i7KYK/B (Skull Canyon) Still Spontaneously Reboots with BIOS 0048


      I am experiencing exactly what is described here: NUC6i7KYK2 (Skull Canyon) spontaneously reboots

      When I boot into Windows 10.


      1. I am using the Latest BIOS firmware 0048.  Got it here: Downloads for Intel® NUC Kit NUC6i7KYK
      2. I've swapped 3 sets of RAM between Kingston and Corsair.
      3. I've ran over 20+ memtests over night, checks out.
      4. Always does the spontaneous reboot after a cold boot.  But rock solid after the first reset from cold boot.


      I've tried Corsair's DDR4-3000, and Kingston HyperX DDR4 2133. XMP profile and Automatic.  Nothing has worked to keep the system from NOT spontaneously rebooting after a cold boot.


      I am using a PNY NVMe SSD 480GB.  I doubt SSD is causing the issue?


      Given 10-20 minutus, the computer just shuts off and I am greeted with the message:


      BIOS has detected unsuccessful post attempt(s).

      Possible causes include recent changes to BIOS

      Performance Options or recent hardware change.

      Press 'Y' to enter Setup or 'N' to cancel and attempt to boot with the previous settings.


      Can we please get a fix? Or anyone know what is going on?  This little guy is awesome except for this massive caveat.