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    NUC6CAYH (Celeron J3455, Apollo Lake) restart always when try to sleep, hibernate or shutdown


      Hi, I just purchased a NUC6CAYH. I have problems with sleep, hibernate and shutdown. I already installed Windows 10 Pro 3 times, Ubuntu 16.04, 16.10 once-once, openelec, but the BUC behaves the same. If I choose any of them the computer start the operation, but when it reaches the end it restart immediately. once-twice out of 10 I can shutdown completely (no led lights in the power button), but if I check within Windows (powercfg.exe) it says that was an improper shutdown.

      I also tried all possible options within the bios and Windows (disable one-by-one, then reenable them).

      As it happens with all tried OS, I supposed it should have problem either with some hardware parts (e.g. the AC adapter) or with the BIOS. I also installed all available BIOS (4 different versions: 0027, 0029, 0038, 0040), all available drivers (incl. chipset, TXE. Ready Mode Technology), but nothing helps. As I wrote I suspect to hardware malfunction, but before take it to replace I thought I would try to find solution here.

      Thanks: Antal