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    Sketchup 2017 windws 10 and Intel Graphic card issue


      Dear Sirs, I have a wacom cintiq companion with windows 10 and Intel HD 4000 graphics. Every drivers is updated.


      After a windows update, in march, Trimble Sketchup 2017 software does not work properly anymore. The select tool freeze

      for some seconds. It is very annoying. Searching on Sketchup forum seems to be a well known problem without

      solution. Trimble says to stop windows update (that is not possible for all), other people says the problem resides on

      opengl intel driver.


      I can't beleive that there's no solution, considering that using left mouse button to select freeze and using right button (that

      open menu youcan close with "esc" key) don't.


      Help please! Is there a known workaround?