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    NUC7I5BNH keeps freezing/crashing in Windows 10, constant flickering with 4k@60Hz


      So like many others I'm having a number of problems with my NUC7I5BNH that doesn't resume from sleep properly and keeps freezing even when it's set to not sleep.  First, here's my hardware:



      Windows 10 x64 Pro running Creator's Update

      PNY CS2030 240GB M.2 2280 PCIe NVMe Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) - (M280CS2030-240-RB)

      1 x G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB DDR4 2400 Model F4-2400C16S-8GRS


      I've connected to two different displays that have both exhibited similar behavior

      Vizio m55-C2 4k TV

      CROSSOVER 324K UHD 32" 3840x2160 60Hz HDMI2.0 DP 4K LED Monitor


      All drivers are up to date and I have updated the HDMI 2.0 firmware.


      If I try to run at 3140x2160 @ 60Hz, the display flickers frequently, with it sometimes being so bad that the computer is completely unusable.  Running KODI, NETFLIX, or even just some websites in Chrome seem to make the problem worse.  The only thing that makes the flickering go away is if I go to 4k@30Hz or go down to 1080p at 60Hz.  I am using amazon basics hdmi 2.0 cables that worked fine driving 4k@60Hz with my 5th generation NUC so I'm fairly certain it's not the cable.


      In addition to the flickering issues, the computer would not wake either monitor when it resumed from sleep >50% of the time and had to be reset using the power button.  As a temporary solution, I disabled sleep entirely and that seemed to fix the problem.  HOWEVER, after upgrading the HDMI 2.0 firmware, I'm now seeing another similar problem but I have no idea what is going on.  After the display is turned off after 10 minutes, it eventually powers off but the computer is set to never sleep. When I power on the TV again, >50% of the time, the computer has frozen.  This is different than the previous behavior because before I could remotely login to the computer and restart it.  Now it is completely unresponsive and can't even be pinged.  It requires a hard reboot to get the computer to respond again.  I have looked in the event viewer and can't figure out why the computer is crashing.  There is an error message that says something like: "The previous system shutdown was unexpected." but gives no more information about the error.  Again, this problem seems to have started happening after updating the HDMI firmware.  Is there any way to check the current firmware version and is it possible the update went wrong somehow?


      The only BIOS setting I have changed is disabling HDMI CEC (I can't remember if I enabled it in the first place or if it was on by default).


      Please help!  I am at a complete loss as to what else to do to fix this problem and, as it stands, the NUC is hardly usable.

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          Do you got the latest BIOS installed? While Intel will deny it (or say the possibility is very remote), the HT issue could be responsible for these failures and reboots. Installing the latest BIOS installs the microcode update that fixes the HT issue. I would install this update and remove this as a possibility for the cause...


          I am NOT saying that this will do anything about the flickering or HDMI hang issues; that's another matter completely, unfortunately...


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            Intel Corporation
            This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

            Hello DougArcher,
            Thank you for contacting the Intel community.
            I’m sorry for all the inconvenience this has caused to you. In this case, as N. Scott Pearson mentioned above it is important to have the latest BIOS version, you can download it here:
            BIOS Update [BNKBL357.86A]
            Please see F7 BIOS Update Instructions for Intel® NUC
            Just checking - you mentioned that you have the latest graphics driver; is the latest graphics version installed
            Also, I would check with your TV manufacturer to see if there is an INF driver for you TV
            Please let us know how it goes.
            Best regards,
            Ivan U.

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              Ok, here's an update:


              I updated to the latest BIOS.  Thought I had already done that but your post made me recheck and evidently I had not.  And I am on the .4678 driver and am still seeing lots of flickering when I try to run 4k@60Hz.  And like I said before, I don't think it's the cable because I was running a 5th gen NUC at 4k@60Hz using the same cable (and a display port to HDMI adapter). 


              And no, it doesn't appear that my TV has a .inf file for it.  And based on my searches online, I think most TVs (I couldn't find a single one) don't have .inf files. 


              One thing I've learned that I forgot to mention.  When the NUC was randonly freezing after a few minutes/hours, despite never going to sleep, and not providing any symptoms or error code for what happened, it was plugged into a SONY HT XT1 soundbar with HDMI passthrough.  When I plug the NUC directly into the TV (which complicates my setup and might result in no audio with some formats), the freezing stops but I still get the screen flickering when I try to run 4k@60Hz. 


              Also, even when plugged directly into the TV, the wake from sleep doesn't work correctly and I think the computer is actually freezing when it wakes up because I can't ping it either.  So the NUC hasn't randomly frozen (yet) but wake from sleep is still broken. 


              It seems like these issues are very widespread.  Is there anything else we can do to make a little noise so that people higher up the intel food chain see what's going on and recognize that this is a real problem that needs to be addressed quickly?  I have a number of other computers and have never had an issue like this.

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                Intel Corporation
                This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                Thank you for the information and I’m sorry for the issue you have experience with this unit.
                When using the .4678 driver, if you try to run it at 3140x2160@30Hz does the issue persists? – This is just for testing and I’m not meaning that you can use it at the refresh rate.
                Just to make sure the issue is not just with the latest graphics version, would you please try a previous driver version; you can download this previous version here:
                Intel® Graphics Driver Beta [15.45]
                I will appreciate if you could test this driver and the resolution mentioned above.
                Please let me know how it goes.
                Best regards,
                Ivan U.

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                  As I said before, when I run at 4k@30Hz, everything is fine and the flickering stops.  It starts again immediately after selecting 4k@60Hz.


                  I also noticed that there was just a BIOS v0048 just released so I installed that before doing anything and it didn't help the flickering.  I don't know about the resume from sleep issue.


                  I also installed the .4614 BETA driver at the link you provided and the flickering didn't stop.  So now I have had flickering on 4678, 4664, and 4614 when trying to run 4k@60Hz.


                  I saw in other threads a request to post information from the Intel Graphics utility.  It is attached here.


                  edit: I should also add that I can make the screen flicker when I'm running 4k@60Hz every time I just scroll in Chrome.  The issue is very easy to reproduce.

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                    Intel Corporation
                    This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                    Hello DougArcher,
                    I have been testing this unit with the latest drivers and BIOS and I got the flickering issue as well, the resolution I set up is 3840 x 2160 @60Hz and I get this flickering problem, the only thing I couldn’t replicate is when you resume the unit from sleep mode, I was able to resume the unit without problem.
                    We will further investigate this issue and once we get an update it will be post here.
                    Best regards,
                    Ivan U.

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                      Good to know you can reproduce the problem but I'm a little shocked that it exists at all given the severity of the problem and that it has existed for many driver versions.  Hopefully you pass this info along to your supervisors so QA can be improved .


                      Regarding the resume from sleep issues, and actually sometimes I can't get the monitor to come back online and I think the NUC has just frozen at least once even though it's set to never sleep, are there any logs I can look at or send you to try to troubleshoot what the problem is?

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                        Intel Corporation
                        This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                        Please attach all your system information; you use the Intel SSU (System Support Utility) to attach your system configuration https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/25293/Intel-System-Support-Utility
                        Download Intel® System Support Utility

                        1. Download the utility
                        2. Run the exe and select ‘Scan’
                        3. Save and include as an attachment in the Intel Community Forum
                        You can also attach more information using the DxDiag and DispDiag.
                        DxDiag Instructions:
                        1. Click on the “Start Menu” -> Type “DxDiag” -> Press “Enter” -> Wait for the DirectX Diagnostic Tool to finish loading
                        2. In the DirectX Diagnostic Tool, click “Save All Information” -> Save the file DxDiag.txt
                        3. Include DxDiag.txt as an attachment in the Intel Community Forum
                        DispDiag Instructions:
                        1. Click on the “Start Menu” -> Type “cmd” -> Then a command shell window will open
                        2. In the command shell, type “dispdiag –out %homepath%\Desktop\DispDiag-Intel-Issue.dat” -> The command shell will output something similar to “Dump File: C:\Users\[username]\DispDiag-########-######-#####-#####.dat”
                        3. Locate the .dat file on your desktop and include DispDiag-Intel-Issue.dat in the Intel Community Forum
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                          Hi. I have a one week old NUC7i7BNH running a fresh install Win 10 ver. 1703. I have the latest BIOS and all the newest drivers etc as of yesterday.


                          I am using it as a HTPC and HMDI to HDMI using a quality cable. TV is a 4k lg84ub980t and using HDMI #3 (10bit UHD deep color) as the input.


                          If I set the graphics utility to 3840x2160 60hz my TV will flicker and go crazy especially when trying to play any kind of video and eventually the screen will go black and lose the HDMI signal.  If I try 3840x2160 30hz I still get the flicker but not as bad.


                          If I set the graphics to 1920x1080 60hz and use 'scale full screen'  everything is perfect but my TV shows 3840x2160 60hz and 4k content plays fine through Kodi etc.


                          So is this problem the same as everyone else here and so just wait for a new graphics driver to be released to solve these issues?


                          I assume my TV is just upscaling to 3840x2160 60hz.


                          Attached files as requested.

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                            Hi Ivan,


                            Since I'm experiencing the same issues as DougArcher (and many others), I'm attaching all the requested debug data as well.


                            Hopefully this will help your ENG team finding a solution ASAP for a critical show stopper issue


                            Please keep us posted with updates.


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                              I just got a replacement NUC7i5BNK after one of its USB 3.0 ports died.  The new NUC has a May manufacturing date and I installed BIOS 48.  The previous was April and was running BIOS 47


                              The new NUC7i5BNK is using the same cable and monitor but periodically loses signal entirely or shows flickering "shearing" of the bottom half of the 4K/60Hz screen.


                              The previous NUC never had this issue.


                              I'm using a USB-C to DP cable.



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                                Weighing in on this as I too am having issues with black screen flickering on my NUC7i5BNH. Really making the device close to unusable


                                Black screen flickering that occasionally comes good and other times forces my Dell 3008W to lose signal and go to sleep. No amount of pressing keys or moving the mouse brings it back. Turning the monitor on and off again will rectify it until it occurs again.


                                Seemed to coincide with a culmination of things for me. Latest bios 0048 (BNKBL357.86A). Latest Intel driver GFX_WIN10_64_15.45.19.4678. Latest Windows 10 x64 updates. I did all these at the one time then began experiencing the issue.


                                I've rolled back the Intel driver version to GFX_WIN10_64_15.45.16.4627 no positive impact.When I updated the bios to 0048 I reset factory defaults.


                                I have two displays connected.

                                1: Dell 3008W via usb-c to Display port at 2560x1600 60hz - Main display

                                2: Panasonic TV via hdmi to an AVR (not hdmi 2.0) 1920x1080 60hz Secondary display (This display is not always on)


                                I did not experience these issues at all on the 0045 bios version and it was running perfectly for about 2 months.


                                Please find attached files to assist as requested and other have provided.

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                                  I'm using a short 1m Startech USB-C to DP cable connected to an Acer B286HK at 4K/60Hz.


                                  The NUC is close enough to the monitor that a loop or two neatly shortened the cable.


                                  Last night I straightened the cable so there are no loops and I haven't seen any flickering or shearing there was less flickering and shearing.


                                  Again, I never noticed this on my previous NUC running BIOS 47.


                                  Did something change in BIOS 48 (+ everything else that changed) that made the video signal "eye" more sensitive?

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