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    Gaming on NUC7i7BNH hot!


      So I really only play Rocket League regularly and to be honest I don't have to even play it on the NUC but I enjoy playing on a pc rather than a console. I went to the intel page and put in the proper specs to play for Rocket league, man I'm impressed with what this NUC can handle, runs beautifully but at the same time as I am playing I am getting throttled and hitting 100 degrees almost every time. I feel like if I keep doing this I am going to fry something and the life of the machine will diminish drastically.


      My question is would this kill my machine if I keep going? Is there a way to get it to stay cooler (I have tried putting the settings down a lot and I am still getting that 100 once and awhile). Do others hit this temperature as well?



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          If you are reaching the point where throttling is occurring, then yes, you are likely having some thermal degradation occurring and, in the long term, this will shorten the life of the processor and the system. I suggest that you go into the BIOS and modify the fan speed control configuration to make it more aggressive at lower temperatures and ensure that the fan is running at 100% at all temperatures above ~85 degrees. As I have said many times, I am NOT a fan of the preset configurations that Intel is providing.


          I am travelling currently and thus do not have access to my NUCs to grab a screen shot of the configuration that I use. You can find examples of it in some of my previous posts regarding thermal (and noise) issues, however (try a search using key word "Tcontrol")...