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    HD Graphics 520 Causing Dialog boxes and some applications to be blank


      I am having problems with this video driver.  This started a while ago but I finally tracked down the issue.


      Background.  Whenever I am trying to close a Word or other Office document, the Save As box usually comes up asking me to Save Save As or Cancel.  Now, this box is blank.  Nothing in there.  I am having the same problem with other applications such as my document management software.  Last week, it started with Chrome.  When I launch, the entire window is blank.


      After tried to address this with Microsoft and spending dozens of hours on tech support calls, I started playing around with stuff myself.  Today I checked out the display adapters. I updated everything first to see if that solved the problem.  It did not.  Then I opened Display Adapter items in Device Manager (Windows 10 and I first tried disabling the AMD Radeon driver.  No Change.  Then I tried disabling the Intel HD Graphics 520 driver.  Everything worked (except all the items that rely on this driver, such as Extended Display).  I have tried updating the driver, rolling it back, but nothing helps.  I have run countless anti-virus scans and Windows updates but no help.


      I am hoping that someone here can help.  I have figured out some workarounds, but some of my web applications will only work with Chrome for some reason, so I can't use them now.



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