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    HD 530 regular framerate stutter even when not gaming.


      I have a Clevo N150RD laptop with an intel HD530 / nv960M running intel driver version which I believe is the latest. My OS is Windows 10 x64 Creators Update


      My issue is that there is a regular frame rate stutter, about every half a second or so. I am not running any graphics intensive apps, but it is very noticeable in Virtual DJ where you have a continually scrolling sound waveform at the top and need to line things up to beatmatch, having this scroller skip and jump repeatedly is very very annoying and breaks my concentration.


      The problem can be seen clearly if you go to vsynctester.com which plots a graph, as the spikes in the graph coincide exactly with the stutters in Virtual DJ, and continue to happen with no change in frequency even if Virtual DJ is not running. This would suggest that the problem is at OS or driver level. Either that or Firefox, Edge and Virtual DJ all contain an identical bug! In all cases I am running these apps on the Intel GPU, not the nVidia.


      The sound in the system doesn't stutter in the same way (which I'm very grateful for!) just the graphics.


      Does anyone know a way to fix this?