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    Your Shooting Star drone cloud




      I am looking for an email contact for the team developing the shooting star drone light shows.

      While these are spectacular looking for entertainment, I have an idea for this "drone cloud" you have developed for entertainment that could help us improve our capabilities in fighting wildfires.


      My idea would move these drones into a very helpful role in wildfire fighting at reduced cost, increased safety and better accuracy than current practices.

      I think it could be a win - win situation for everyone.


      Based on what I have seen in your light show you produced with Disney, you have already developed the capabilities needed. This is a very practical application of what you have developed.


      Please either email me or PM me a contact so I can discuss this idea with the team, to see if you agree this has potential. I think... what I have in mind could revolutionize fighting wildfires all over the world.