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    DPDK pktgen - environment set up for two mother boards



      I plan to run DPDK-pktgen on my Xeon D platform.


      I have two MBs. Since i currently don't have 10G switch, my experiment is to use one MB to act as a 10G switch to generate traffic and the other one is to act as a receiver.

      Each MB has two 10G port embedded. so total I have 4 10G ports and two on either one.


      Below is my configuration:


      OS: Ubuntu 16.04

      CPU: Xeon-D 1541 & Xeon-D 1557

      NIC: Intel X552/X557 10GBASE-T


      My understanding is probably wrong, there might be better testing scenario for pktgen. If so, please kindly let me know.

      If my testing scenario is reasonable, is there any document I can follow to set up the environment ?