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    More buggy NUC issues; dual displays flicker after a few minutes of usage


      I have a user who can use a dual monitor setup for a matter of minutes (maybe 15-30 minutes) before both screens turn black and her mouse cursor starts flickering. The only thing that gets the dual monitors back is turning off one of the monitors (or unplugging one of the monitors) and turning it back on.


      She's using a NUC6i5SYH, latest BIOS (v61), graphics drivers (4678), etc. Her monitors are an Acer G277HL 27-inch and an ASUS VN279Q 27-inch. The ASUS is using an HDMI cable (latest 2.0 standard) as shown on Amazon here and the Acer monitor is using a VGA cable that is converted to mDP using this converter on Amazon. The resolution is set to 1920x1080, both monitors use default settings and the Intel 540 GPU is using default settings as well. OS is Windows 10 Pro Creator's Update with latest patches as of yesterday. I've swapped out both monitors for a spare 27-inch Samsung monitor I have laying around, and it made no difference, flickering still occurs after a few minutes. I switched the HDMI cable to the Acer and the VGA-to-mDP converter to the ASUS to see if that made a difference, but it didn't. I then decided to use a Rankie HDMI-to-mDP cable on one of the monitors to see if I should use a different converter, and again the flickering still occurred. She had been successfully using her dual monitor setup up until 2 weeks ago, and then suddenly everything went to hell. I can't identify if it's a Windows update or not, but there's no reason to believe any Windows update at that time would have caused this. Her "reliability history" shows an instance of a fontdrvhost.exe crash (see attached txt file). About the only unique things about her system is that she uses a Verifi fingerprint scanner (Authentec AES2550) to log in and is connected to our corporate domain. We also use TrendMicro OfficeScan version 12.0.1556 (compatible with Creator's Update), but disabling that does nothing to fix her problems (or my numerous other ones as shown in this thread, please comment there if you have any idea what's up).


      So, what do we think the issue is here?