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    What is the refresh frequency for the display port on intel hd graphics 4600 desktop?


      I'm asking because, I bought a display port to hdmi adapter, and when I have it plugged in and set for 4k resolution, my tv says that it's 30Hz, but when I looked at the specs, it says that it supports 60Hz at 4k with the display port, but I also read that that over hdmi, it makes it 30Hz. I just kinda baffled, because the specs on the adapter say that it supports 4k60Hz, the HDMI cable is a high speed with ethernet(works with ps4 pro at 4k60Hz), and the display port is supposed to support 4k60Hz, but when it's all hooked up, it outputs at 4k30Hz. Is it just reading that it's an hdmi cable or what? 'Cause I don't have another way of outputting 4k on my pc at the moment and this is really confusing....