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    Intel XTU not working


      I have ROG GL502VM laptop with Skylake Intel processor. The OS is Windows 10 Home. I successfully installed the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility but unfortunately when executing the XTU via undervolting the laptop would crash (blue screen). I use the same undervolting spec used by other GL502VM users whom undervolted their GL502VM offsetting to around -0.150v.

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          Intel Corporation
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          : Thank you very much for joining the Intel® Chipsets communities.

          In regard to your inquiry, we actually recommend to use the computer at stock configurations, especially if it is a laptop, because the manufacturer customized all the settings on it specifically for the system to work properly.
          Altering clock frequency or voltage may damage or reduce the useful life of the processor and other system components, and may reduce system stability and performance.
          At this point, the best thing to do will be to get in contact with ASUS directly, to check with them the voltage recommended for this laptop and if it is safe to change the values of it using the Intel® XTU tool:

          As general information, on the link below you will see a video that explains the basic functionality of the tool, even though you were able to change the voltage on it already, you will find additional details that might be helpful for you.

          Any further questions, please let me know.

          Alberto R