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    NUC7i7BNH constant reboot loop


      I am trying to set up my new NUC7i7BNH with the following hardware:



      The NUC powers up with a permanently lit blue LED, followed by a reboot after roughly 15 seconds of on time.


      • When removing the RAM, it correctly does the 3-time blinking signalling RAM failure
      • It does that regardless of whether the SSD is connected or not
      • It does that regardless of connected peripherals.
      • When connecting through HDMI (I do not have usb-c + DP), the monitor reports no signal. Both cable and monitor are working on all my other machines.


      I then tried to remove the yellow BIOS jumper and on a handful of retries, I could get the NUC to boot into the bios boot menu (showing a warning that the BIOS jumper has been removed). From there I could see that the installed BIOS revision is 46.

      I succeeded once in accessing the BIOS setup, but for a while now, neither position of the jumper (removed, 1+2, 2+3) seems to have any effect now.


      Is there some issue that I'm not seeing or do I simply have a defective unit?


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          This is 2400 memory. Despite what CMTL says, any speed above 2133 could result in improper operation. One NUC could work while another (seemingly identical) does not. In the simplest of terms, the NUCs are design to support only 2133 memory; no formal validation with faster memory is taking place.


          When you boot with the BIOS configuration jumper removed or moved from the 1-2 position to the 2-3 position, the system will be powered up in a compatibility mode where the memory is configured for base operation (i.e. 2133). This is why you were able to be successful doing some things.


          So, what to do? You can try manually setting the memory configuration to operate at 2133, but many folks have reported little success in doing so. A better thing to do is to try with true 2133 memory. If it works, you will know that you need to replace the 2400 SODIMMs. If it doesn't work, you can then look into RMA'ing the unit.


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            Thanks for your reply, I received a replacement 2133Mhz from Crucial and haven't had any issues with the jumper inserted now.