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    I5-6600k spikes cpu usage with two things open.....?




      Let me start off with saying the only two things open are google, and skype. No this has never happened. And my games crash due to this issue and its REALLY annoying...

      This is a recent problem and has never had any problems with cpu, with a game open it averages out to around 60%. Idling somehow takes more CPU power than it should. I was also reading forum posts saying a program closing and opening could be the problem aswell. The only program I caught doing this was 'HPNETW~1.exe'. I do not believe my desktop has a virus because I scanned it and it found nothing. Which seems to be disturbing since this really happened out of nowhere. For some reason this issure happened once before but was easily fixed using the 'Intel Diagnostics Tool' and this time it did not fix the problem but still passed. The drivers for my I5-6600k cpu are aslo up-to-date. But really what is happening?!


      Note: Task manager can spike and use up to 40% of the cpu but returns to normal usage (About 1%), The 'Anti malware Service Executable' also seems to do this but after I scanned my PC it has calmed down.

      What my desktop should idle at:

      0-5% (Nothing but skype open)

      What its running at now:

      10-100% (Nothing but skype open)



      Core: I5-6600k (Quad core)

      GPU: Nvidia GTX 960

      RAM: 16GB Kingston

      HDD/SSD: 2TB HDD (1.28TB Remaining), 250GB SSD (107GB Remaining)







      EDIT: Its worse now, spiking to 90% with nothing but skype open