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    Help getting i7-720 Intel Turbo Boost Technology to work


      Help please!  All of the sudden, my core i7-720 (HP dv8 notebook) is not overclocking at all anymore.  It used to do so constantly, always when booting up the computer and loading and running certain software, as shown in my Intel Turbo Boost desktop gadget and CPU-Z.  Now I cannot get the multiplier to move from the "cellar," at 7x, processor stuck at 1.6 ghz. I checked the Device Manager and found there was one of those yellow "caution flags" next to the driver, and the following pieces of information about the driver :


      Intel Turbo Boost Technology Driver 10/26/09
      PCI bus 0, device 31, function 6
      This device cannot start. (Code 10)


      I have tried reloading the driver, also tried driver (curiously, earlier date?) but no change.  This just happened spontaneously after 3 months of trouble free performance.  No changes to computer I can think of recently.