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    celeron 900 2.20 GHZ CPU 100% usage


      Hi guys.

      Came here for some advice,

      What happened? I bouth latop like a year ago with "Intel Celeron 900 2.20 GHz" procesor.

      After having it for while, procesor started tu run on 100% CPU usage. At some piont I trought that it could be termo gel, witch I changed. Still same thing, changed win versions as well.. and nothing, pluss on top of that I've used Intel Procesor Diagnostic tool to see what that will say, and procesor passed all tests! So can anyone tell me whats wrong with it.?


      Im running:

      Win: Windows 7 Home Premium x64

      Ram: 4GB (2.87 usable)

      Proc: Celeron 900 @ 2.20GHz 2.19GHz


      And when it happens?

      most time when I open web browser, using flash games or watching youtube videos, thats when its on 100% usage and everything laggs, or stops/freezes.

      Can I get any help on thing please?


      Kind regards,