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    Problems with my i7 920 Processor



      First of all, i dont know if i'm in the right place, but thats the closest i can go i think, since i live in greece, and there is no technical support for intel here.

      I recently bought a new pc, with the following specs (according to the identification tool i found on intel's webpage)

      Computer Manufacturer:ASUSTeK Computer INC.
      Computer Model:P6T SE
      Operating System (O/S):Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Edition
      Operating System Build (O/S):(build 7600), 64-bit
      Operating System (version):6.1.7600
      O/S Language:0408
      System RAM:6.0 GB
      CD or DVD Device:HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GH22NS40 ATA Device
      System Hard Drive Overview
      System Total Storage size:1337.4 GB
      Local Disk C:\149.0 GB
      Used space:55.7 GB
      Free Space:93.4 GB
      Memory Detail
      Total Physical Memory:6.0 GB
      Available Physical Memory:4.9 GB
      Total Virtual Memory:2.0 GB
      Graphics Product:ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series
      Driver Status:Non-Intel® device detected
      Video Memory:754.0 MB
      Current Graphics Resolution:1920x1080
      Current Color Depth:1920
      Manufacturer:not detected
      Model:P6T SE
      AA Number:not detected
      BIOS Vendor:American Megatrends Inc.
      BIOS Version:0704
      BIOS Release Date:12/30/09
      System Memory:6.0 GB
      Sound Card:Realtek High Definition Audio
      Model:Intel® Core(TM) i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz
      Intel® Processor analysis toolsAdditional tools
      CPU Speed:2.67 GHz
      Link to Processor Spec Finder:Click to see Processor Specification
      CPU Revision:11
      CPU Type:00
      CPU Family:06
      CPU Model:1A
      CPU Stepping:5
      Wired Networking Product:not detected
      Driver Version:not detected
      Driver Status:Non-Intel® device detected
      Intel® PROSet Version:not detected
      Hardware IDs:not detected
      Wireless Networking Product:not detected
      Driver Version:not detected
      Intel® PROSet/Wireless Version:not detected
      Software/Driver Status:Non-Intel® device detected
      Latest version available:not detected
      Hardware IDs:not detected


      Memory is OCZ platinum, and checked that it works perfectly with my motherboard.

      System worked like charm at first, but then the problems started. Every now and then, sound starts to distort, and, in a few minutes after that my computer freezes, or i get a BSOD saying  A clock interrupt was not received on a secondary processor within the allocated time interval.

      Any ideas?

      Thanks in advance

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          Check and see if a new BIOS is available for the motherboard.

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            First of all, thanks for posting vegan


            I've already done that, in fact, i've upgraded to the latest bios, but there was no difference. I've also tried to unplug all the peripherals, except a mouse and a keyboard, in case one of them was responsible for the problem. Although i happen to know what a clock interrupt is, im not an expert to determine if the souce of problem is on the processor, any other hardware, or on software. But as i read accross the forums, i see people who have the exact same problem as me, and with most of them, the only common component we have is the same processor. Most of them have tried a bunch of things, like changing power suppliers (most common answer on this problem by the other forumist) but got no luck out of it. And now that i think of it, none of them seem to have sorted out the issue. What i'm asking here is the following: Is there any chance that my processor could be faulty?


            P.S. I actually took my pc to the shop where i got it, which clames to have the "best" service in country, and the only thing they did, was to power it up, run a benchmark or something for a small period of time, and see if it will get stuck. It didn't! Yeah, sometimes it works ok for an hour or so. So, i paid 20$ (more, actually, i pay in euros, but cant seem to find the appropriate character) to tell me that my computer is fine. Well, that's greece for you, hiring technicians that are not qualified for this job.. Anyway, so now im trying to figure out what to do with my faulty pc by myself, and by your help guys


            Btw i got another pc stuck as i was writing this, good thing there was a recovery button when i opened, so i found my whole text, that was a pleasant surprise.

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              This does not answer your query directly but I guess it will help.

              Intel hosts live chat event with their experts where people can discuss Intel products technologies. The next event will be held around their core processors. I think that it will be a good platform to ask this or any other question. The next event is on 26th March at 9:30 am GMT. More info at


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                I have the exact same problem that you stated, and I have an intel i7 920 on a P6T (not SE version) as well. It's been like this for months, I thought it would be the soundcard because of the distorted sound, but now I'm using just onboard sound and it's the same. If you develop any progress please respond with your solution

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                  Could be aproblem with Windows, in case go to the Microsoft forums.

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                    Thought of that too, but i tried both windows 7 and windows xp, and i had the same problem with both of em, so i guess it can't be that : /

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                      Stop spending money on troubleshooting and get new memory.


                      Most likely your problem is that your memory is rated at 1.65v. The memory controller on your processor supports up to 1.6v memory and it is recommended to have 1.5v memory at 1333Mhz.


                      1.65v memory will burn your processor eventually.



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                        Although my memory is built for 1.65V, my memory controller is set to 1,5V by default. I tried changing it to 1.65V. There was no different, problem is still the same

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                          My suggestion is still the same. Try 1.5v memory. I have seen many problems like yours. If you truly believe that it is not the memory then the only other way to test your processor is using it on another compatible motherboard or testing another 920 on yours.



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                            Do you have freezes like all the time or just once a day? For me it's strangely only once a day. Mostly when I switched sound from front panel to normal out or otherwise, and then play a game. But after one crash it's totally stable - can't find an explanation for this


                            edit: My rams run at 1.5 and I have the same symptons and BSODs (6gb mushkin ram)

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                              The problem is identical then.. most of the times i get one bsod or freeze per day, usually 15 minutes after i turn on my pc. If i don't turn it off for the whole day, it's pretty stable. the only difference is that it happens to me no matter what i do, play a game, or just open the explorer.

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                                Do you have the latest BIOS on your motherboard?

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                                  Yes, i have upgraded to the latest bios

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                                    I'm clueless.


                                    Next step will be to start testing your system on a basic configuration and out of the chassis.

                                    If you have another processor or motherboard you can also try swapping components.


                                    The fact that you mentioned the audio having problems could indicate a power issue or grounding with the motherboard.



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