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    INTEL NUC6CAYB first boot failure, second boot successful


      Hi guys,

      first of all my configuration:


      Bios version: AYAPLCEL.86A.0040.2017.0619.1722

      Processor: Intel CPU j3455

      hdd Crucial_CT256MX100SSD1 sata port 0 (latest firmware)


      i have this problem since the beginning:

      From cold situation:

      power on NUC POst Screen Ok with NUC on it and then


      a bootable device has not been detected


      Typing ctrl+alt+del : again Nuc splash screen but this time the boot is successful 100 times out of 100


      then power off completely the system (not reboot) wait a while (10 seconds) same problem: first boot failure, second boot, after ctrl+alt+del, successful.

      VGA or HDMI doesn't matter: same problem.

      Legacy of UEFI doesn't matter: same problem.

      I setup just the HDD as unique boot option


      Can anyone help me? it 's quite annoying.


      Thank you all