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    nuc7i7 primary power settings


      Hello folks,

      I was looking at the "Power" section in the bios and need some help to understand the differences between the different modes in the "primary power settings" menu.

      As a start, does someone know what's the difference "in details" between "low power enabled" and "max performance enabled".

      My expectation was that this could be reduced CPU frequency...but after I enabled it "Low..." and went to windows, I saw the same CPU frequency.

      In general my target is to use the nuc in low power (and low noise and heat generation) mode.

      So far I'm achieving this on OS level, which more or less works OK, but would be really great if I can do this from the Bios.

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          This enables Intel SpeedStep Technology, which will result in drops in both CPU voltage and CPU frequency to save power when the system is relatively idle (making the system busy will restore these to (at or near) their maximums, however). For more information, consult articles such as: Frequently Asked Questions about Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® Technology... or even SpeedStep - Wikipedia.


          You also need to enable support in Windows (by choosing either the Balanced or Power Saver plans in the Power Options Control Panel applet). In Windows 10, right-click on the Windows Start button and, from the Power & Sleep settings page, click on the Additional Power Settings shortcut in the Related Settings section on the right.


          Hope this helps,


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            I was hoping for some option which will actually permanently lower the frequencies of the CPU and GPU in the bios and lower the heat generated and noise form the fan.

            How I'm doing it now is to use the power saver mode on windows and fine tune it so the CPU never reaches 50% (2GHz) and the GPU constantly be in "battery saver" or whatever was the name of the mode.


            Intel should really thing about a mode in the bios in which, sacrificing performance, you can get one really cool and silent NUC.

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              Hello nikiangel,
              Thank you for your feedback and unfortunately an option on this unit to lower or make changes in the BIOS to the frequency is not available.
              I hope the information provided by N. Scott Pearson  can be useful for you.
              Best regards,
              Ivan U.