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    Intel HD Graphics 520 - KB4022716 Black screen with flickering mouse cursor after unlocking/waking up screen turned off by Windows power options




      I think this issue is related to a specific Windows update KB4022716 (for Windows 10 Creators Update 1703).

      This Windows update (KB4022716) was supposed to fix an issue with NVIDIA drivers that stop working (Error 0x9f) when the system goes to sleep (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4022716)


      I'm facing this problem with our HP laptops at work (HP EliteBook 850 G3 with Intel HD Graphics 520).

      For us, the built-in display will go black with the mouse pointer flashing in the following situation:

      Dual display in “Extend Desktop” mode (the external monitor is directly connected to the laptop through DisplayPort)


      The issue happens when resuming the screens that have been "turned of after xx minutes” by Windows (Windows power options).

      It displays the black screen + blinking mouse cursor instead of the Windows login screen (on the main/laptop screen, nothing on the external screen).


      The issue doesn't occur when using only 1 screen mode (either the main laptop screen or the external one).

      It it as if both screen are out of sync, or something like that.


      The only workarounds I've found so far:

      EITHER pressing the key combination [Windows] + [Shift] + [Ctrl] + [B] (this restarts the graphics driver)

      OR unplug and plug again the DisplayPort cable.


      All the drivers and BIOS are up to date. The Intel HD Graphics 520 driver ( is provided (and maybe customized? according to Intel® Driver Update Utility) by HP (OEM Windows).


      Only one of my colleagues doesn't meet this issue: I noticed his computer hasn't downloaded/installed this Windows update yet…


      I've also read that some users reported the same issue with other laptop brands (Lenovo, Dell…) using the Intel HD Graphics 520 device.


      KB4022716 black screen with flickering cursor after unlocking - Microsoft Community

      screen off/on issue in windows 10 after update KB4022716 - Lenovo Community


      Who is supposed to make a fix? Microsoft? Intel? HP?…


      I hope this message/query will help…

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