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    Qt-based applications working with OpenGL were broken after driver update




      After the Intel Graphics 630 driver was updated Qt-based applications

      working with OpenGL were broken altogether.


          Tha last working version is


          Versions and are broken.


          To reproduce the bug one can use the attached sample (actually diff/patch for the oficial sample from Qt). The sample

      is from the official Qt's collection of examples but with a slight

      change: it contains QOpenGLWidget. Microsoft Visual Studio 2015

      with latest update is required to build the sample (Qt also must be

      built with the same version of the compiler; it can be downloaded

      from the oficial site qt.io).


          However if the backends software/angle are used the application

      works correctly and its GUI is not distorted.


          The bug is reproducibale with Qt version 5.7.0, 5.8.0 and the lastest



          Also if a dock-widget with OGL-context is detached from the main

      window or closed then the interface "partly" restores: I mean "partly"

      because it will be better but not correct as it should be.


           Screenshots attached:

      1. dockwidgets_QT5.9---no-openglwidget.png - main window with no opengl-widget child;

      2. dockwidgets_QT5.9---openglwidget.png - openglwidget shown. Notice that the font is not clear anymore; icons/toolbar shifted/cut; also right side of the widgets cut.

      3. dockwidgets_QT5.9---detached_openglwidget - openglwidget was detached from the main window (application was not restarted).