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    ZR300 on Windows 10



      I was wondering if anybody has had luck getting the ZR300 going in Windows 10, and/or has managed to get depth camera output from one on Windows 10?  I got one with the expectation that the RealSense SDK/DCM etc. would support their latest the latest device, but I've been unable to get anything sane out of the depth camera.


      Some word on supported drivers, updated SDK, or DCM would be greatly appreciated (or even ways to hack the R200 drivers to work).


      I should also say that the librealsense is working well under Windows 10 and I'm going with that for the moment.




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          The RealSense SDK in the '2016 R3' version currently supports theF200 and SR300 cameras, with R200 support having ended at the previous '2016 R2'.  The only option available for using the ZR300 in Windows 10 is through running the open-source Librealsense SDK in Windows.


          As the R200 is the camera with the closest hardware design to that of the ZR300's, I would think that if it were possible to persuade the RealSense SDK to talk to a ZR300 then the '2016 R2' SDK with its R200 support would be the best SDK to work with when exploring that goal.


          There are no plans (that I am aware of) to add ZR300 support to the RealSense SDK.  Given the roughly six month update cycles that previous RealSense SDKs have followed, I would speculate that it is possible that a new iteration of the SDK will be coming soon if that timeline is continuing, but unfortunately i have no knowledge about that.

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            Hi everyone

            I only read somewhere that Intel product sheet saying zr300 only supported in Linux, there are not even windows installer for the camera. So how did you get it working? My windows 10 did install all drivers of zr300 for me automatically, however, seems the Depth Camera Manager is not installed.




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              Basically for the ZR300 you have two choices:


              1.  Librealsense, which can run in Windows as well as Linux (though Linux is the easier to get it working with, I believe;


              2.  The RealSense SDK For Linux, which I believe installs Librealsense as part of its package of Linux modules.


              Intel® RealSense™ SDK for Linux: Getting Started


              The R200 and SR300 can work with Windows, according to Librealsense users, but they have Windows drivers available for them).


              Intel's FAQ on Librealsense says "Librealsense is a cross-platform capture driver (Linux, Mac OSX, Windows) for the Intel RealSense Camera F200, SR300, R200, and ZR300"  This implies Windows support for the ZR300 in Librealsense.   However, the minimum specification sheet for the ZR300 says it only supports use with Ubuntu.  So 'Linux only' is likely the correct answer for the ZR300, sadly.

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                Wow, the only RealSense camera that Intel is currently manufacturing isn't supported on Windows by Intel.  That is freaking amazing.


                Its a good thing that librealsense works then.

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                  I used librealsense (see GitHub), compiled the vc14 solution and all the demo projects worked like a champion :-). Given that the RealSense SDK appears to be dead for all purposes (i.e. not supporting windows or any current cameras) that means the DotNet wrappers are also dead. So if you doing stuff in C#/JS/VB/Unity/Java(ha!) then best you look at CppSharp or Swig (horror).

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                    The other forms of RealSense camera that support Windows (R200 and SR300) are in stock in Intel's online store, and the RealSense range is continuing with forthcoming new products such as the RealSense 400 (double the trackable depth points and operating range).  I understand though the difficulties that the absence of Windows support causes for developers who want to use that OS.  Given Intel's prior Windows support for the other cameras, it is possible that there is a technology in the ZR300 particularly (e.g SLAM) that has been problematic to produce Windows drivers for, rather than a deliberate snub of Windows users.

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                      Hi Matt,

                      So have you got all the functions promised by librealsense in windows 10 here:

                      1. Native streams: depth, color, infrared and fisheye.
                      2. Synthetic streams: rectified images, depth aligned to color and vice versa, etc.
                      3. Intrinsic/extrinsic calibration information.
                      4. Majority of hardware-specific functionality for individual camera generations (UVC XU controls).
                      5. Multi-camera capture across heterogeneous camera architectures (e.g. mix R200 and F200 in same application)
                      6. Motion-tracking sensors acquisition (ZR300 only)


                      My setup of ubuntu for zr300 seems broken as it showed only one rgb camera streaming and quit working 10 seconds after. dmesg show the bad magic number blablabla...


                      This camera seem to be rushed to the market and is driving users crazy busy troubleshooting. The other day i read an article complaining about we as developer spent majority of our time configure the hardware system other than writing codes for a scenerio.