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    NUC7i3BNK with Windows 10 will not power down or restart properly


      I immediately updated the bios when I got my NUC, then installed UBUNTU on it.  It worked well and issuing the shutdown command powered the NUC down just fine.  I decided to wipe the drive and install Windows 10 on it. All the device drivers, chipset drivers, etc installed just fine. Then I went to restart the NUC from Windows.  It hung up with the power light still on and there was no video output on the screen.  I had to hold the power button down until is powered off.  Once I got it booted up, I issued a shutdown from windows 10 and again the screen went blank and the power button light stayed on.  I booted from a LINUX USB drive I have and tested shutting the NUC down and it worked just fine and powered all the way down so this is definitely a Windows 10 problem.


      This doesn't seem like a big deal but it is when the NUC is setup as my HTPC and everytime Windows 10 applies and update and restarts (which I cannot stop from happening thanks Microsoft), the NUC goes down but doesn't come back up and none of my devices can access it and my family blames me for not being able to access our movies, pictures, etc.


      Does anyone else have this problem.  Any suggestions on what to do?  I  even wiped the drive again and reinstalled windows but didn't manually install / update any drivers or let Windows install any update and the problem was there from the get go.