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    Intel HD 620 artifacts on laptop screen




      I have a quite new (3m) ASUS Zenbook UX410uqk laptop (i7-7500U) with Intel HD and nVidia GeForce 940MX.

      About a week ago, I switched my laptop power options from 'Balanced' to 'High Performance' for better performance in Android Studio, but the same day later I switched it back to 'Balanced'. Since then, the PC turned slow and even a simply 2D games (e.g. FTL - Faster Than Light) worked as an old Celeron (~10-15 fps). At the same time, nVidia card was working fine (e.g. Civilization VI worked perfectly).


      For 2 days now, an additional feature appeared: https://youtu.be/euc5Sqck5po - there are some artifacts on screen, while working with Intel HD. They are both present on internal and external monitor, so the laptop screen is not the cause.


      I have already tried:

      • re-installing latest vendor drivers from ASUS website - no effect
      • installing clean Intel drivers (15.45) - as above
      • reinstalling Windows 10 from scratch (clean install) - no changes


      I can get rid of that by uninstalling ANY\ALL Intel drivers from Windows and switching to something like "Windows Basic Display Driver" (Microsoft Basic Display Adapter) - for a price - screen resolution is low and no option to enable nVidia driver then. Any driver (even Microsoft Generic for Intel HD) and changing resolution to higher than minimum, cause the artifacts to appear.

      I have tested the CPU with Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool, but no issues found.


      All the drivers mentioned above were working perfectly fine a week ago, so I do not find it as a "driver" issue.


      My question is: is there a way to test and verify what is the nature of the problem? Any test tool?

      I have already called ASUS reseller, but they say it is probably a driver problem, so no assistance to be provided.



      Thank you in advance for any hints