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    Intel IRST successfully uses RAID 1, but sees mechanical disks as SSD disks.





      As you can see, the two WD Caviar RED (NAS) disks are properly mounted and used in RAID 1 configuration

      But if you access the windows disk tools, with the intention of defragmenting, the mechanical RAID 1 disk is seen as SSD  !!   Therefore it is not possible to defragment it.


      I've tried ALL the IRST drivers released to date.  The version currently used is the last of June 2017 v15.7.0.1014


      The latest version of IRST drivers that worked fine and correctly recognized the mechanical disks was INTEL-RAPID-STORAGE-RAID-WIN7-64BIT - Unfortunately, however, this is an old version suitable for Windows 7-64 bit, not compatible with Windows 10-64bit


      I'm wrong, or Intel does not sufficiently optimize Its drivers for brands like Asus?