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    Intel Curie and nrf24l01


      I am trying to use Arduino101 with nrf24l01 for a long distance wireless connection. First of all default library Optimized High Speed NRF24L01+ Driver Class Documenation: Optimized High Speed Driver for nRF24L01(+) 2.4GHz Wireless Tr…  uses printf_P that not compiling in Arduino IDE with Intel Curie. I use #define MINIMAL 1 in RF24.cpp to remove function that uses printf_P. So samples compiles good. But nothing sent and nothing recieved. In default exmple RF24/examples/GettingStarted at master · nRF24/RF24 · GitHub while radio.write Arduino just freezing. 


      Is it possible to use Intel Curie with nrf24l01? And is there any 100% compatable by libraries and hardware modules for wireless connection more than 100m something like hc-12 or si4432?