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    Intel Optane cant be recognized


      So i succefully activate the Intel Optane in my HD (1 tb), but after this i did a mess in add a 2nd HD (with minor storage) and with this, the BIOS backed to ACHI mode and M2 disabled. I tried enable RAID/Optane mode and M2 again and the system cant recognize Intel Optane anymore, if i try disable RAID/Optane mode and M2, show that Intel Optane was activated and running in system. Checking the Intel RST driver, my main HD and Intel Optane they´re in non raid and ACHI mode (even i´m in Raid with M2 enabled).


      My system info: MSI H270 Mortar Arctic, BIOS already updated; i7 7700; 16gb ram; main hd 1 tb; 16gb intel optane; OS win 10 pro


      I wonder if i messed with BIOS.