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    Core i7-6950X


      Is there any one who is using real sense with Core i7-6950X?

      It is called Broadwell.

      Does anyone know RS work in Broadwell or not?

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          Your processor is an enterprise Broadwell-E.  These tend to have the characteristics of Xeon enterprise processors rather than ordinary consumer processors, which can actually be a benefit in terms of RealSense compatibility (since the enterprise processors are in their own 'strange little universe' that defies the conventional rules of compatibility restrictions.)


          F200 and R200 should work fine with Broadwell-E, as their minimum requirement is 4th generation Haswell processors.


          The minimum for the newer SR300 camera is officially 6th generation Skylake processors.  However, a number of people have reported being able to run that camera on 5th gen Broadwell E processors, and even as far back as 4th gen Haswell in a couple of cases.

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            I will buy 6950X for RS someday.