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    Pixel Shader on HD 3000


      Hi there,

      I was just wondering how I can run games using Pixel Shader 3,0 on Intel HD 3000. This chip states to be hosting Pixel Sharer 4.1, which I would have thought would have been even better.

      But I just always get an error, it states as in the image below, now it only happens to appear in Need for Speed: Rivals. But I would think it would happen to other programs aswell.

      I have looked on countless tutorials, tried many things, even coming onto this site and looking around for something, but I always fail at running my beloved game. If there was ANY WAY to fix this error, PLEASE let me know!

      I went onto 1 specific tutorial to check if I could solve my problem, and it had an apparent solution, A NEW DRIVER, I tried to get it, but it stated that my HD 3000 was no longer supported, so I am still unsuccessful.

      Please respond to this, it would be so hugely appreciated.