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    Does Intel DC P3600 supports SGL?


      Hi ,

            We are using Intel DC P3600 800G drive in our storage array, does this SSD drive supports SGL feature?.

      we are using intel SPDK while debugging we found the NVMe controller doesn't support SGL

      (gdb) p ns->ctrlr->flags & SPDK_NVME_CTRLR_SGL_SUPPORTED

      $1 = 0

      Is there any setup or settings which we are missing to set the device to support SGL?


      Please find the drive information below and let me know if you need more information.


      #isdct show -a -intelssd 0


      - Intel SSD DC P3600 Series CVMD714000AX800VGN -

      AggregationThreshold : 0

      AggregationTime : 0

      ArbitrationBurst : 0

      Bootloader : 8B1B0133

      CoalescingDisable : 1

      DevicePath : /dev/nvme0n1

      DeviceStatus : Healthy

      DirectivesSupported : False

      EndToEndDataProtCapabilities : 17

      EnduranceAnalyzer : Media Workload Indicators have reset values. Run 60+ minute workload prior to running the endurance analyzer.

      ErrorString :

      Firmware : 8DV101H0

      FirmwareUpdateAvailable : The selected Intel SSD contains current firmware as of this tool release.