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    Error 0x10A 266 When Updating Thunderbolt Firmware


      Thunderbolt Firmware Update fails with Error 0x10A 266


      There's a very specific error coming back: "Error: 0x10A 266 Error while getting the PD firmware version". 


      We just recently received this NUC C6iKYK (two days ago).




      I am running Windows 10 64bit



      I received another new nuc c6i7kyk,  and when attempting to run the Thunderbolt3 firmware update it showed up with error when updating the thunderbolt firmware.  We have two of this model, exactly the same model.  The first one is two months old the second one 2 days old.  


      The first one working but second one is not.  Please remember I followed all the steps and it did not fix the issue.


      If the first one is working and the second one is not, this means it is a hardware problem on the nuc, right?  Or perhaps there is a bug with the latest firmware?   I've tried old (18version ) and new (25version) Thunderbolt FW, and it shows the same issue....... Any ideas?