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    DP55WG boot error PXE 61


      I am building a DT. this is my 2nd of this configuration with no issues on first one. this one gives me PXE 61 - media device no connected. I can see that the DVD, HD are connected in BIOS and that the right boot up configuration is correct: DVD/CD, floppy, HD and Lan in that order. Any advice on clearing the boot up error? R

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          Its not seeing you bootable media, have you tried another DVD? or booting from usb?

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            Yes I have tried both. As this was the 2nd system I used the 1st system boot disk but BIos returns me back the the PXE error.  So the system does not see the DVD media.  So I can not get to the MB boot disk upload. I can see the DVD when I F2 at boot start to get into the system Bios program and I am able to  check confg settings where I can see the DVD is recognized and connected to the correvt SATA port on the MB.  So I then down loaded the Bios update from Intel web site on USB flash and set the Bios to enable USB as prioirty at start up, F7 start up during Bios boot.  Bios went to the USB routine but did not recognize/identify *.bios file on the USB flash.  I checked the USB loaded Bios file on my 1st system and it loaded as expected.  So I am thinking there is something wrong with the MB.