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    If my computer with Optane dies, will I lose data?


      Can I disconnect my SATA drive after it's enabled with Intel Optane memory and move it to another computer?

      No, you have to disable Intel Optane memory before you can move it to another computer. You can disable it via the Intel Optane memory or Intel RST applications. Refer to the Intel Optane memory User and Installation Guide or Video for more information.



      If I have my SATA HDD configured with Optane, and my system dies, is it possible to recover data without Optane? Normally you could connect such SATA drive to other machine and just copy files. But is this also tru for Optane?

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          Hello hemlatuyda,

          Yes, if your computer dies before you're able to disable system acceleration you can still connect your main drive to another system as secondary, and access the drive to backup your files. What can't be done is boot off of this drive on another PC, as your OS boot files have been moved to the Optane™ Memory.

          Moreover, the Intel® Optane™ Memory Software will warn you if the health of your boot drive or Optane™ Memory module becomes degraded. With this warning you should be able to deconcatenate your drives, backup your information, and take whichever measures are needed.

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