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    Graphics Driver Version and Integrated Graphics Clock Speed


      Here's the thing. I downloaded the latest graphics driver supported by Windows 8.1 64-bit and 4th generation Intel Core processors which is but when I installed it, Speccy said my driver version is I'm confused. Idk if I'm asking a stupid question but I honestly don't know what's going on.


      About the clock speed, the specs of my processor (Intel Core i5-4460) say that my maximum graphics clock speed is 1.10 Ghz and the minimum is at around 300 Mhz. However, when I checked Speccy it said my graphics clock speed's at 598 Mhz. There's only one performance level and it indicates the 598 Mhz clock speed. I have a discrete GPU (GeForce GT 730) with a maximum clock speed at 700 Mhz. The discrete GPU gives me a much higher FPS in games than my Intel GPU. How come I don't get the maximum 1.10 Ghz clock speed for my graphics?

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          Hello Cryoslice,


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          I can help with your two questions, let's start with the driver first. For you to know you do have the latest driver installed and this you can tell by looking at the last 4 digits of the version, in your case .4578. Let me explained these numbers; Intel uses the following schema to define driver versions:



                                     Driver Schema


          Driver Baseline: Differentiates different generic driver packages and is often assigned based on the supported platform(s) and operating system(s).

          Revision: Used internally during the driver development cycle.

          Build number: Last four digits indicate the actual driver number.


          For information is stated at the following link: Understanding the Intel® Graphics Driver Version Number



          Now regarding your second question, please bear in mind that the maximum graphics clock speed 1.10 Ghz that you are referring is actually called the Graphics Max Dynamic Frequency, you missed the dynamic and what I mean here is that this parameter will be reach whenever the processor graphics needs it. There is not option to make the graphics frequency to reach its maximum since it's a dynamic value.


          Hope this helps, and if you have more questions please let me know.



          Amy C.

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            Oh. I didn't know that. I monitored the frequency with Intel Power Gadget. You're right. Thank you for the help!