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    Printing with 7th gen i7 thru USB not working


      I have 10 brand new Dell OptiPlex 7050's running Intel 7th gen i7 processors in my office. We are running HP LaserJet 1320's and LaserJet 2030's. The printers will absolutely not print on the 7050's when plugged into the usb port. I hooked up 2430 thru network and it prints but hook it thru the USB port and nothing. I contacted Dell and they say it is a 7th gen issue with USB 2.0 controllers and say I need to get new printers. I know these printers are older but they are workhorses. They work just fine on Dell OptiPlex 7040's with 6th gen i7's in them so it is really hard to justify new printers. Has anyone else had this and are there any fixes out there?