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    NUC7i7BNH compatibility issue with 16GB Optane Memory


      I have a NUC7i7BNH (bios 047) , add-in 16GB Optane memory, and Hitachi 320GB HDD drive. I change bios sata controller to Intel RST Premium with Intel Optane Acceleration.  Bios PCI configuration does not detect the M.2 16GB Optane memory.  If I change bios sata controller to AHCI the PCI configuration detect M.2 16GB optane memory.  I change sata controller back to Intel RST Premium with Optane Acceleration and install Win10 x64 to WDC 320GB HDD.  Install latest chipset and optane driver and try  After installing optane driver, system reboot.  I open optane memory app to check setup and get the following messages. Does this bare NUC7 model really not support 16GB optane memory?  How is this model differ from NUC7I7BNHX1 which have 16GB optane memory pre-install by Intel?


      BIOS AHCI detect M.2 card:

      nuc7i7bnh_ahci_1.jpg  nuc7i7bnh_ahci_2.jpg

      BIOS Intel RST Premium with Intel Optane System Acceleration not detect M.2 card:

      nuc7i7bnh_optane_1.jpg  nuc7i7bnh_optane_2.jpg

      nuc7i7bnh_optane_app_1.jpg nuc7i7bnh_optane_app_2.jpg