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    Intel I217-LM Connection Failure On Reboot


      I have an issue with a classroom of Dell 7020 AIO computers that are using an Intel I217-LM adapter.  It seems that when these computers are rebooted, several of them, all random and never the same ones fail to reconnect to the network.  They are all showing connected but are pulling an APIPA address.  Strangely enough, all of these machines are statically addressed, not DHCP. Additionally, a simple click on the network adapter to disable then enable it resolves the connection issue.


      I have investigated several possibilities, have made sure that these adapters have the latest drives from Intel and verified a few other obvious issues like a switch issue.  We are not using IPv6 here, so I have disabled IPv6 as well.  These machines do not have wireless adapters nor do they have any Virtual adapters to contend with that could be causing a conflict.


      Has anyone seen this behavior before and if so did you come up with a resolution?


      Lastly, I have been to Dell's site where I have updated the BIOS on all machines as well as the chip set.