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    Probing ASoC machine driver for I2S audio



      apologizes for double posting but I realized now that the other discussion thread (Audio over I2S) had been marked as answered even though the question is still open.

      If any moderator want to change the status of that question and delete this post, you're very welcome.


      I'm on latest ref-os-iot and trying to connect the Cirrus Logic Audio Card to an Joule 550x.


      So far I have:


      1) created an ASoC machine driver (bxt-cirrus.c) based on the version for RaspberryPi



      removing all DT specific stuff and filling manually the DAI structures. Not really sure about all the fields here though, tried to follow bxt_florida.c for those.


      2) As the other poster, removed snd_hda_intel and manually probed the new bxt-cirrus module


      3) In my case, snd_soc_skl loads fine and firmware is transferred correctly


      But still, lsmod | grep snd shows that the new module is loaded but not probed:


      snd_soc_sst_bxt_cirrus    16956  0

      snd_soc_sst_acpi        3171  0

      snd_soc_sst_match       1554  2 snd_soc_sst_acpi,snd_soc_skl

      snd_soc_wm8804          9697  0

      snd_soc_wm5102        641540  0


      Any suggestion on how to move from here? Is it necessary to modify ACPI tables to have the module probed?