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    Euclid automatic power up


      Is there a way to cause the Euclid to automatically boot up when power is applied, rather than having to mechanically use the power switch?

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          In general, a power switch can either be mechanically bypassed by shorting the power switch's cable pins inside the machine, or - more safely for your warranty - changing the power settings in the BIOS.  I do not have information on the specific BIOS settings in the Euclid though.


          One way to get automatic start-up is to set the BIOS to 'Wake On LAN' so that it can be activated remotely by a signal from a network.  Another way is to enable a 'reboot after AC loss' type action, which is usually used to tell the PC to reboot when power comes back on after a power cut without having to press the power button.  These options should be in the power management section of the BIOS settings.

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            This can be done with a BIOS update, but i don't know if they are planning to release such a BIOS ..  amitmoran ?