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    Problem using Upm library in Python


      Hello, everyone.


      I am trying to use the upm library in Python on Intel Galileo Gen 2. More specifically I want to read data from ADS1115. The problem is that whenever I want to import upm, the Python returns me an error: "No module named upm". This means that my image does not have upm installed and for some reason, I can't install it.


      I try to install upm using:


      opkg install upm


      results in error:


      opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package upm


      I attached detail error. What is a workaround to install upm lib which will work in Python? I would like to avoid building the package as I have to install for few (5) devices.


      My OS version:




      NAME=iot-devkit (Intel IoT Development Kit)

      VERSION=1.5 (panda)


      I would be willing to change OS for a different version if that would help me use upm.


      Kind regards