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    vaio z laptop freeze with intel ssd when power source is changed from battery to AC power


      I am using a Vaio Laptop Z690. it came with 160gb hdd and i swapped it with 160 G2 intel ssd.


      the lockup/ freeze only happens when the laptop is used on battery for over 10~15mins and reconnected to AC.


      I tried three different OS's Windows 7, Windows server 2008 R2, windows vista. Same issues.


      To make sure it is not the drivers installed after the fresh OS installation, I tried the changing power source with and without the necessary drivers.


      It happened when necessary drivers are installed and it still happened when no driver is installed.. right after the first boot of the OS.


      Morevore, to verify it is not related to power options, i tried the experiment with performance and balanced option.


      i turned C-states off in the BIOS and reset the bios everytime with a fresh os installation.


      It does not happen all the time but may be 3 or 4 out of 10 times... and it doesn't happen when the duration of use on the batter is short or instant.


      I called technical support to arrange a repair on this specific matter or issue.


      B/C it might avoid the manufacturer warranty, I swapped the hdd back. Since then I am trying to record this freezing issue using my iphone...


      I got a couple videos that show it is frozen with SSD. However, I did the same experiment for 5 times now... and it doesn't freeze with HDD.


      anys guesses for what could have caused this or why this keeps happening?