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    R200 as webcam?




      how can I use the RGB camera of the R200 as a normal webcam that can be used in any software utilizing USB cameras, ie. a streaming software or Skype?


      At the moment I only get this static image when trying to access the R200 RGB stream:



      I would like to use the RGB cam of the R200 for 2D augmented reality tracking (for now depth isn't required).


      Does the R200 not support the UVC standard?


      Thank you.

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          Have you installed the R200's Depth Camera Manager (DCM) program?  I know you don't want to use the depth function, but the DCM installation contains the drivers for running the camera.




          Here is the downloads page.  The R200 DCM is listed under 'R200 Camera Driver'.


          Intel® RealSense™ SDK | Intel® Software

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            Hi Marty,


            yes I did install the Depth Camera Manager for R200, namely "intel_rs_dcm_r200_2.1.27.2853.exe".


            Also it shows up correctly in the device manager:


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              My research determined that your Device Manager listing was correct for the R200. 


              Can you confirm to me please whether you are using the USB version of the R200 or whether your R200 is built into your computer?  Thanks!

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                Sure. My R200 is the external USB model, version VF0830.

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                  I did a clean install of my rear-facing R200 and its DCM, and disabled the built-in webcam in my laptop to make the R200 the only usable camera.  I got exactly the same static graphic as you did in Skype.  The depth and IR scan modes displayed a picture in Skype, but no RGB video image was achievable.  RGB works fine when I use a front-facing F200 model of camera with Skype.


                  It could be that the R200 is being treated as a rear camera rather than a front one (since it is a rear camera by design).  Apparently you can toggle between front and rear cameras in Skype by clicking on the Camera icon during a video call.  I would recommend giving that a try to see if it wakes the R200's RGB up.

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                    Sadly Skype doesn't even seem to be able to access the RGB stream at all. When I activate the 'Test Video' mode in Skype, and select the R200 RGB, it doesn't show any video at all (and thus, Skype doesn't allow me to make video calls, because no camera seems available). Furthermore, Skype doesn't have access to the Depth and LR streams, unlike to what you describe is possible on your side, Marty.


                    I will also try a clean install and report.


                    Thank you.

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                      The Camera icon for toggling front and rear camera in Skype only seems to be available when making an actual video call to someone, rather than testing the camera in Options.