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    R200 room scanning


      Is it possible to scan rooms with the R200 ?.

      Are there any existing softwares that support the R200 and can do room scanning?

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          This discussion may be of use to you.  The third comment down discusses the possibilities for room scanning with the R200.


          Room scan of R200

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            Thanks Marty,

            I have visited that link earlier before I posted this question...

            From what I gather from that post is


            It is possible to do room scanning with the R200 but a bit difficult because the user will have to walk around the room due to the limited 4m range, I don't have a problem with this, it works out for me. But one issue for me with this kind of scanning workflow is how do I scan objects in the center of the room, since I will the scanning the boundaries of the room by standing as close to the walls as possible and my back would be towards the center right?



            2. What software do I use for this, Do I use the official Real Sense SDK for the R200 or that link you provided which was referring to LibRealSense.


            3. There is also some reference to the Point Cloud Library (PCL) in that post  I'm not aware why would this be needed? Wouldn't the official SDK suffice?


            Thanks for you time! Appreciate it!

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              1.  A common technique for 360 degree scans is to make multiple scans and then stitch them together into a single model in editing software.  You could do this either by pointing the camera in different directions and taking the scans one at a time, or by arranging multiple cameras in a 360 degree circle and taking a scan from each one by cycling through each camera in the setup with an ID number.


              2.  I do not have a strong recommendation specifically for room scanning.  However, I believe that an excellent option for mobile scanning in general with RealSense is ItSeez3d.


              #1 Mobile 3D Scanner App for iPad | itSeez3D


              3.  RealSense expert Samontab said in 2015 that once you have generated a point cloud then you can do further processing on it to generate a full 3D map of a room.  He adds that it is not a simple process though.

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                HI Marty,

                Thank you for the reply, I very much appreciate your time and effort.


                Currently I do not have access to an IPad so I guess I would use that as a second option or an alternative.

                Currently I do have an R200 and access to a windows tablet / PC.

                I see that the Intel Real Sense SDK R2 2016 has an example DF_3DScan.exe which is a C# app that shows a 3D scanning example.


                Could you suggest how to get started, is that app the right point to start?

                Among the SDK and LibRealSense which would you suggest?

                Are there any existing examples for room scanning in the SDK or LibRealSense?

                On second thoughts I see that ItSeez3d has a windows version I can check that out though.


                Many thanks.

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                  Yes, Itseez3D has a Windows version too. This is the Windows download page if you haven't found it yet.


                  3D Scanner for Intel RealSense R200 | itSeez3D


                  The 3DScan sample is more typically used for individual objects rather than room contents with multiple objects. 


                  Based on activities such as drones that use an R200 camera (the Intel Ready To Fly drone kit with Intel Vision Accessory Kit) and room scanning demos (like the 2015 one with the cancelled RealSense Smartphone Developer Kit based on a ZR300 camera), Librealsense is probably the prime choice for large-scale depth scans.


                  Intel Ready To Fly



                  Intel Vision Accessory Kit (an R200 and two color cameras that provide superior image quality)

                  Intel® Aero Platform for UAVs Vision Accessory Kit

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                    Thanks Marty!! You are a champ!!


                    I will do further research on what you said, hopefully I can cook up something.


                    Probably dig into LibRealSense,


                    I don't see any room scan demos or examples on the web with Realsense, looks like I'd have to chalk out my own path here.


                    Thanks for you help.

                    Thanks a million!!

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                      I'm glad I could help.  Please come back here any time that have further questions. 


                      Did you see the Intel room scanning demo that was linked to in the 'room scan with R200' discussion?  This is the only example of a public demo of room scanning with RealSense that I know of, though there are people privately interested in it for applications such as real-estate (like in the aforementioned room scan discussion).




                      The device used was the RealSense Smartphone Development Kit, an Android smartphone with a ZR300 camera and Google Project Tango software in it.  Some preview units made it out into the wild but it was never released for public sale as Intel's RealSense plans shifted away from mobile.