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    When will there be a fix for the Skylake/Kaby Lake hyper threading Issue for NUCs?




      currently there is a big discussion about a Skylake & Kaby Lake bug regarding Hyper threading.


      The bug is described in this Intel errata: SKZ7/SKW144/SKL150/SKX150/SKZ7/KBL095/KBW095.


      See also:



      for more details.


      As much I know, there already exists a Microcode fix for the bug, but the Microcode version must be at least 0x5d/0x5e.


      The newest BIOS version 46 (date was the 3rd of May)  for the current NUCs does not contain a fix for the bug, as much I could see (the Microcode version, I got, is 0x4e).


      The question is, when will be there a BIOS version containing a fix for the bug for Kaby Lake NUCs?


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