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    HD Graphics 4400 Pnp monitor sleeps randomly (HP ProBook 450 G2)


      Windows 10 (up to date)

      HP ProBook 450 G2

      (Monitor adapter HD Graphics 4400 Pnp)


      After a windows 10 update in mid May 2017 the monitor began sleeping after no activity for about 10 minutes. At that time the settings where to sleep after about an hour. I changed them to the equivalent of 'never' sleep in all modes and have left them like that. It continued to sleep after about 10 minutes.


      240517 I reinstalled HP SP79336.exe ( and it seemed to be ok


      020617 The problem returned. No obvious cause. Re-installed the driver above. Seemed ok


      About a week later it started sleeping randomly after a few minutes. I have not identified a set of events which coincide with the sleep (or not to sleep - ie to behave correctly). I began wondering whether it had something to do with MS Word 2010 but I have not confirmed that.

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