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    I7 860 help, Cores are halted


      Hello, I hope this is the proper place for this thread.

      I have a question. I have the I7-860 running on a 400W PSU. I notice that it isn't running at it's full potential. I notice that it has cores 7, 5 halted, core 3 is sometimes halted as well. I have my bios set to use all cores. Is this a power issue? does the I7 halt cores if there is not enough power to run them?

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          You might want to get a better power supply. A 400W model is old and new models are much more efficient and will pay for themselves in under a year. I recently bought a AK680 and I posted a review on my site.

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            I bought it brand new from newegg, this computer was going to be a mediaPC. However, my eyes got big and wanted the i7 and I stuck with the 400W PSU. it is 80+% efficient. I was just curious as to if that is why the cores are halted. Or if it is from the speed step technology.


            In any case the i5 is beating my i7 in processor and memory cache according to pc wizard 2010. In all the benchmarks I have seen on the net, the i7 dominates the i5 because of hyper threading.

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              Speed Step will shut down cores when they are not needed and it will also slow the CPU down as well. This is to save $ on electricity.

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                The i7 actually dominates the i5. Recently, there were news of fake Intel Core i7-920 CPUs at Newegg. Maybe that has to do something with it. In any case, you can have a discussion with in house Intel experts at www.intellivechat.com and get instant answers to your queries. Good Luck


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                  Hello, The processor is an i7-860 it works. I dont see how you think it might have to do with the i7-920 issue at newegg. The i7-920 issue at newegg was simply a hunk of metal, not usable in any way.


                  Benchmarks see the processor as an i7-860 2.8ghz quad core as stated on the box the cpu had arrived in.


                  The livechat is for events. how might you determine this to help me in this case?

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                    It seems to me like Hyper Threading is doing its thing in your case.


                    Update your motherboard BIOS, check on the processor temperature and run a benchmark to see if all your cores work.



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                      At the time I believe it was not using all cores while benchmarking. I was using pcwizard 2010 at the time, and if im not mistaking that was not designed for the i7's at that time.


                      Since then, I have had more experience with the i7's and determined that I was just un aware of the way the i7's operated.


                      Everything is running much better now.


                      Thank you to all that have offered assistance!